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高一英语第二十四单元The Secret of Farming-教学教案
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科目 英语
年级 高一
文件 high1 unit24.doc
标题 The Science of farming
章节 第二十四单元
关键词 高一英语第二十四单元
be busy with 忙着做…… knock out of……敲出来 point out……指出
turn over 翻转 go against 违背 year after year 一年又
agree to do sth. 同意做…… advise sb. to do sth. advise that(疑问代词)…advise + n. /doing……
谈论天气:1.What’s the weather like ?
2.What’s the weather going to be like at the weekend ?
3.How’s the weather in your hometown ?
It’s fine / cloudy / rainy / windy .
①He asked me : “Am I wrong ?”
He asked me if he was wrong .
②I asked her . “Are you in charge of the office?”
I asked her whether she was in charge of the office ?”
① “Where did you park the car ?” she asked her husband .
She asked her husband where he parked the car ?
②They asked me : “Why don’t you write to your aunt and uncle ?”
They asked me why I didn’t write to my aunt and uncle .

Unit 24 The Science of farming

1.(Lesson 93) He is always busy with his farm work . 他总是忙于他的农场工作。
be busy with……忙于。例如:
①He was busy day and night with conferences . 他整天忙着开会。
②He pretended to be busy with some work . 他假装忙着什么事。
2.What’s the weather going to be like at the weekend ? ──周末天气如何?
──It’s going to be wet and windy . ──潮湿,有风。
询问天气情况通常用 “What’s the weather like……?”回答用 “It is……”; “What’s the weather going to be like……?”答语为 “It’s going to be……”; “How is the weather in……?”
① “What’s the weather like today in New York ?” ──今天纽约的天气怎么样?
── “It’s fine .” ──晴。
②──What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow in Chicago ?
②── “It’s going to be very cold . /rainy / snowy / cloudy .
3. be made of……由……制成,这种材料可以看得出来,例如:
①These forks are made of metal . 这些叉子是用金属做成的。
②That dam is made of stone . 大坝是石头的。
be made from……由……制成,这种原料在成品中看不出来。
③These wine is made from fruit . 这种酒是由水果制成的。
④These cakes are made from flour and eggs . 这些蛋糕是由面粉和鸡蛋做成的。
4.(Lesson94) While people in other countries in the world were trying to catch wild animals and birds were still collecting seeds and nuts , farmers in China were developing the science of agriculture .
①We must strike while the iron is hot . 趁热打铁。
②Never get on or off a bus while it is in motion . 不要在车没停稳的时候上下车。
③He was driking orange juice while the rest of us drank whisky . 我们都在喝威士忌,他在喝桔汁。
④She listened closely while he read . 她凑得很近地听他念。
5.Then he returned home and spent his time on research into agriculture . 后来他回乡从事农业科学的研究。
research . n. 研究,探索 research into / in……对……进行研究
①This is an important problem which too few social scientists have researched into .
6.He collected information , studied it , did experiments and learnt from the experiences of farmers .
experience n. 经验,体验,阅历,在表示“某方面的经验”时,后接of或in,例如
①He is a man with an experience of forty years at sea .
②We learnt all this by (though) experience .
③He told us about his experience in Egypt .
④Have you much experience in / of learning foreign language ?
7. He advised farmers to choose the best seed-heads , the ones that had the best colour .
advise v. 建议,给……出主意advise + n / sb. to do / that (where , how , whether……)……/ doing .
①We advised an early start . 我们建议早点动身。
②What do you advise me to do ? 你建议我做什么?
③Will you advise me which of them to buy ? 你能给我出出主意买什么吗?
④I advise waiting till the proper time . 我建议等到适当的时候。
“the onces”是同位语,指代seed-heads . ones是可数名词的复数形式,单数用one.例如:
①This pair of shoes doesn’t fit me . can you give me another one ?
②These books are too difficult for me ; I want some easier ones .
8. In the following spring , the seeds should be knocked out of the seed-heads and sown .
knock…out of… 把…从…里面敲打出来。
The sudden blow knocked two teeth out of his mouth .
9. He studied how to improve soil conditions .
condition n. 状况,条件,环境,其复数通常表示一般,笼统的情况,环境,前面用under or in。表示人或物处于某种“状态”,一般用不可数名词,但可加不定冠词。例如:
①The doctor said that the patient was in good condition . 医生说病人的状况不错。
②Economic conditions were very bad . 经济情况很不好。
10. He pointed out that it was important to remove weeds before sowing seed in the soil .
point out .指出
①The teacher pointed out that the first sentence of each paragraph was the topic sentence .
②Can you point out the church in this picture ?
11. The soil should also be turned over with a fork so that……
turn over:翻转,翻身
①Turn the egg over . Don’t make it burnt . 翻一下鸡蛋,别让它糊了。
②He turned over a page or two , but was not interested . 他翻了一两页,但是不感兴趣。
③He turned over in bed . 他在床上辗转反侧。
turn over:仔细考虑
①He turned the new idea over in his mind . 他反复考虑这个新想法。
②He turned the question over in his mind . 他反复考虑这个问题。
12. He wrote a book called Qi Min Yao Shu during the years 533-544.
13. Here are five pieces of advice collected from Jia Si Xis’s book Qi Min Yao Shu .
Here is / are……是一个倒装句型。
①Here are some examples .
②Now here the bus is coming . Here it is . 汽车开过来了它来了。
这句话也可以说:Here comes the bus .
③Here are some good phrases and sentences collected from the newspaper .
!4. But if you go against nature and do things at the wrong time of year ,……
go against .“违反”、“违背”
①The game is going against them . 比赛情况对他们不利。
②They are going against our wishes . 他们违背了我们的愿望。
③It goes against my principles . 这违反我的原则。
15. Do not plant , for example , rice year after year in the same field .
year after year:年复一年地,一年一

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