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高一英语第二十单元 Mainly Revision-教学教案
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科目 英语
年级 高一
文件 high1 unit20.1.doc
标题 Mainly Revision
章节 第二十单元
关键词 高一英语第二十单元
Mainly Revision

四会单词和词组:ink , come out , throw away , metal , pot , form , at the same time , include , Spain , Spanish , engine , rocket

三会单词和词组:development , print , printing , press , method , lightly , unknown , everyday , net , fishing net , sheet , describe , steam

Ⅱ. 交际英语

Prohibition and warnings 禁止和警告

1 . You can\t / must not…

2 . You\d better not do it .

3 . Don\t smoke ! / Don\t be late !

4 . Look out ! / Take care ! /Be careful !

5 . If you… , you\ll

6 . Be sure not to ( you don’t ) …

7 . If you don\t want to…you\d better…

8 . If you dare… , you\ll…

9 . Look out for…/Be careful with…

Ⅲ. 语法学习


⒈ ⑴ It is such a modern machine few of the workers know how to operate it .

⑵ It is such a modern machine few of the workers know how to operate .

A. which B. that C. as D. the one

析:⑴ B ⑵ C 句 ⑴ 是 such … that 引导的结果状语从句。句 ⑵ 是定语从句,先行词前有 such 修饰时用 as 引导,as 在定语从句中作 operate 的宾语。

⒉ ⑴ Is this museum they visited last week ?

⑵ Is this the museum they visited last week ?

⑶ Is this farm you used to work 课件※之家 范文频道wWW.KEjIAnhomE.com?

A. where B. that C. in which D. the one

析:⑴ D ⑵ B ⑶ A 句⑴、⑵是定语从句:句 ⑴ the one 是先行词,后面省略了 that 。句 ⑵ 关系代词 that 在定语从句中作 visited 的宾语,此句还可用 which 或省略关系代词。句 ⑶ 是 where 引导的表语从句。

⒊ ⑴ is well known to us all , the earth goes around the sun .

⑵ is well known to us all that the earth goes around the sun .

A. That B. As C. It D. Which

析:⑴ B ⑵ C 。句 ⑴ 是由 as 的非限制性定语从句,代替后面整个句子。句 ⑵ 是it 引导的主语从句。 it 是形式主语,真正的主语是 that 引导的从句。

⒋ ⑴ I have two sisters , are doctors .

⑵ I have two sisters , and are doctors .

A. both of them B. both of whom

C. neither of them D. each of whom

析: ⑴ B ⑵ A 。句 ⑴ 是定语从句, 因从句中动词是 are ,所以只能选 B ,而不能选 D 。句 ⑵ 因有并列连词 and ,所以是并列句,再根据主谓一致原则,只能选 A 。

⒌ ⑴ I\ll never forget the days I spent with him .

⑵ I\ll never forget the day I was born .

A. when B. that C. on which D. both A and C

析:⑴ B ⑵ D 。 句 ⑴、⑵都是定语从句,句 ⑴ 中 that 在从句中作 spent 的宾语,还可用 which ,也可省略。句 ⑵ when 在定语从句作状语,也等于 on which ,故选 D 。

⒍ ⑴ Was it October 1 , 1949 the People\s Republic of China was founded ?

⑵ Was it on October 1, 1949 the People\s Republic of China was founded ?

A. in which B. on that C. that D. when

析:⑴ D ⑵ C 句 ⑴ 是 when 引导的定语从句,句 ⑵ 是强调句,特别注意句 ⑵ 中 October 之前的 on 。

⒎ ⑴ He is the only one of the students who the accident .

⑵ He is one of the students who the accident .

A. knows B. know C. had known D. known

析:⑴ A ⑵ B 句⑴、⑵都是定语从句,在“ the ( only ) one of + 复数名词 + 定语从句”结构中,先行词是 one ,而不是复数名词,故从句中谓语动词用单数。但是在“ one of + 复数名词 + 定语从句”句型中,先行词是复数名词,故从句中谓语动词用复数。

⒏ ⑴ Do you know the fact the sun is brighter than the moon ?

⑵ Do you understand the easiest fact he explained to you just now ?

A. that B. which C. the one D. as

析:⑴ A ⑵ A 句⑴是 that 引导的同位语从句, that 在从句中不作任何成分,不能省略。句 ⑵ 是 that 引导的定语从句, that 在从句中作 explain 的宾语,因先行词 fact 之前有最高级限制 easiest ,故只能用 that ,不可用 which 。

⒐ ⑴ This is the best reason he could give at the meeting .

⑵ This is the reason he didn\t go to school this morning .

A. why B. that C. which D. because

析:⑴ B ⑵ A 。 句 ⑴ 是 that 引导的定语从句,that 在从句中作 give 的宾语,因先行词 reason 之前有 best 修饰,故只能用 that 。句 ⑵ 是 why 引导的定语从句,相当于 for which 。


是定语从句还是状语从句 ?


While reading the book , we\d better make a mark we have any question .

A. at which B. at place where C. in which D. where

你或许要选择选项 A 或 C ,因为你认为此句含有一个介词 + which 引导的定语从句,然而句中的“ mark ”在逻辑意义上并非先行词,因为我们决不是在 mark 上有任何问题,所以 A 和 C 都不是正确选项。那么选择 B 正确吗?回答是否定的,虽然选项 B 中的“place ”可以充当 where 引导的定语从句的先行词,但单数可数名词被限制性定语从句表特指的概念,“ place ”前应有 冠词“ the ”。正确选项只能是D 了,即是由 where 引导的地点状语从句,此句中的 where 等于 at the place where 。再看下列句子。

I\d like to take the pictures where stands the ancient tower . 我想在古塔那个地方照几张像。

Please put the chair where it was when the meeting is over . 请在会后把椅子放回原处。

Young people should go where they are badly needed . 青年人应该到最需要他们的地方去 。

以上三个句子均含有 where 引导的地点状语从句,句中的 where 可分别是由 in the place where , at the place where , to the place where 等替换。综上所述,引导地点状语从句的 where 通常可由适当的介词 + the place + 关系副词 where 替换,只要我们抓住这个关键就不难准确判断和使用 where 引导的定语从句和地点状语从句。最后再请试做下列选择题。

⒈ Many old people like to live there are many trees and flowers .

A. in which B. the place where C. in the place where D. which

⒉ This kind of bamboo grows best it is wet and warm .

A. which B. in which C. where D. the place in which

⒊ Africa is actually connected with Asia at the spot the Suez Canal was dug .

A. which B. in the place where C. the place where D. where

⒋ This is the laboratory we made the experiment the other day .

A. in the place where B. that C. which D. where

⒌ The nurse asked the children to sit they were .

A. at place where B. where C. the place where D. which

答案:1—5 CCDDB




1 . develop 用作及物动词,有四种意思。

〖点拨〗( 1 ) 发展……,使发育。例如:

He said it was right to develop heavy industry in this city . 他说在这个城市发展重工业是合适的。

Having sports will develop your health . 运动会增进健康。

Milk will be helpful in developing a child\s body . 牛奶对孩子身体发育有帮助。

( 2 ) 发挥,开发,启发。例如:

They are developing a new coal mine . 他们在开发新煤矿。

It\s important to develop the mind of students in our teaching . 在我们的教学中启发学生的思维是很重要的。

( 3 ) 产生,逐步显示出。例如:

Don\t let your children develop such a habit . 别让你的孩子养成这样的习惯。

He developed an interes

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