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1Be on time. Always keep to time when honoring a meeting, date or event. Being on time shows your respect for other people's time.守时是个好习惯。无论是开会、赴约,迟到都不好,这也是对其他准时到场的人的不尊重。When you show up late, it says much about your personality and the kind of regard you show important things.是否守时能反映你的为人,以及你对待重要事务的态度。

2In public, it is kind to hold the door open for others, especially when you see someone with arms full or who might have obvious difficulty entering.在公共场合,遇到带小孩或手里拿着东西的路人,帮他们扶下门。Never allow a door to slam on anyone following you.勿不管身后人随意关门或放下门帘。

不过有一点要注意:Avoid the awkwardness of prematurely holding a door open when someone is a certain distance away. This might cause them to hurry unnecessarily.身后的人还在较远的地方时,就别打开门等着了,这会让别人不得不快步走过来。3Be kind to people who serve you. Always say “thank you” to waiters, cashiers and food delivery staff.对提供服务的人员表示感谢。上菜时的服务员、付款时的收银员、送外卖的送餐员,向他们说声谢谢。4Respect the receptionist. It is kind to smile and acknowledge them when they are easily ignored by most people.对门房、迎宾有礼貌,起码点头笑一下,他们往往是最容易被忽视的人。

5Be attentive when other people are speaking to you. Keep eye contact, rather than rummaging through your bag or letting your attention drift away.在同别人谈话的时候,保持注意力集中,最好能微笑看着对方的眼睛,而不是翻东西看书报,心不在焉。6Remove your headphones before you speak to someone.戴着耳机的时候不和別人说话,说话的时候拿掉耳机。

7At the end of a phone call with your boss or people older than you, it's proper to make sure they hang up the phone first.与长辈或上级通话结束时,等对方先挂断电话。8Tell people they're on a speakerphone. Alert the person you’re speaking with that others are present.如果你用免提,要告知对方他讲话别人也能听到,最好关上门。9Don't interrupt people when they talk. Hear them out before stating your own opinion.不随便打断別人的谈话,先听完对方的发言,再阐述自己的观点。10Show respect to other people. Allow them to voice their opinions without argument, even though you may disagree with them. Use your reasoning skills and eloquence rather than raised volume to convince others.尊重他人的观点和看法,即使自己不能接受或同意,也不当着他人的面指责对方是“瞎说”、“废话”、“胡说八道”等,而是陈述己见,分析事物,讲清道理。11Do not swear at or insult people, even if you are having an argument.不说脏话,即使发生争执也不使用侮辱性词汇。12Have a big heart — avoid petty feuds with your friends or colleagues.与人相处胸襟开阔,不会因为一点小事和朋友、同事闹意见,甚至断绝来往。13Wait for the green light before you cross the road. Don't hog the emergency lane, even when you are caught in a traffic jam.过马路静心等待红绿灯;开车堵的话也不抢占应急车道。14Drive slower in the rain, especially when old people, children or dogs are nearby.在下雨天开车要减慢车速,车前有老人、小孩、宠物时放慢车速。
15When in public, don't play music or watch videos on your mobile devices with the speakers on.公共场合,最好不要用手机外放听歌或看视频。
16When you leave a restaurant or library, don't forget to put your chair back quietly.在餐厅或图书馆离开座位时,轻轻把椅子放回原位。17Don't talk too loud in public, especially at night, when slight noises could be a nuisance to many people.在公共场所,注意自己说话的声音有没有影响到別人。尤其是夜晚,微小的声响也会影响他人。18Don't judge people. Respect the fact that everyone is different.不随便评论别人,尊重別人的不同。19Don't show off, even if you are privileged in some way. Stay humble.在与人交往相处时,不强调个人特殊的一面,即使有资本,也不要有意表现自己的优越感。20Table manners matter. Refrain from smacking your mouth, or poking around the dishes. Don't waste food.吃饭不吧唧嘴、不翻菜、不剩米粒。21Cover your mouth with your hand or napkin when coughing, yawning or sneezing.咳嗽、打哈欠、打喷嚏时捂住嘴巴。22If you’re seated at a table with eight or fewer guests, wait until everyone is served and for the host to begin eating before you dig in.如果和8个以下的人同桌吃饭,等别人的菜都上齐、主人开吃之后再开动。
23Don’t make a big deal of saying you don’t drink. Simply place your fingertips on the rim of the glass and say, “Not today, thanks.” This implies no judgment of those who wish to imbibe.如果不喝酒,就直接说“今天不喝了,谢谢”。不用强调自己不爱喝酒,这样会让想喝酒的人尴尬。
24If you’re in a situation where you’d excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, you should also excuse yourself before reaching for your phone.吃饭的时候,去厕所要打声招呼,那么玩手机也一样。用手机之前最好跟对方打个招呼。25Clean up after your dog when taking it for a walk.带宠物外出时,及时打扫宠物的粪便,保持地面干净。26Keep your dog on a leash, and never say, "I don't need one, because it doesn't bite.”遛狗的时候牵绳,永远別说“我家狗不咬人,所以不用狗绳。”27Apologize if your dog scares a passerby by barking or running around.宠物的叫声或冲撞吓到路人,作为主人应及时道歉。28When passing scissors or knives to others, be sure not to point the sharp end at them.递剪刀、刀子等物品时把尖锐的一边朝向自己。29Don't microwave foods that have a peculiar smell.在公司里,别用微波炉加热有异味的食物。30If all you have to say in your email reply is “Thanks,” refrain from sending it. You’re just clogging an inbox.回邮件时别只说一个“谢谢”,而没有别的信息,这是在给别人制造垃圾邮件。31Take care of children and respect women and your elders at all times.不论何时何地,对妇女、儿童及上了年纪的老人,总是表示出关心并给予最大的照顾和方便。32When walking on the sidewalk, be sure to give your company the side farthest from the road.在人行道上靠外侧行走,把同伴护在内侧。33Be careful with your shopping carts in a supermarket. Do not roll over others' feet or run into someone, and slow down when passing a child.去超市推购物车时,不要撞到、蹭到或者压到别人的脚;经过小朋友的时候要放慢速度,伸手护一下。34When you are on a crowded subway, hold your backpack in front of you to avoid causing inconvenience for other passengers. If you are carrying something cold, hot or sharp, be careful to keep it away from other people's legs.地铁人多时,可以把双肩包背在前面,避免碰到别人,如果手中提有冰的、热的或尖锐的物品,注意不要碰到别人的腿。35Let people off the elevator first, and hold the door for others before you board.让别人先出电梯,上电梯的时候也应该想到为别人扶住门。
最后,送上科林叔(Colin Firth)在《王牌特工》里的一句经典语录:Manners maketh man.不知礼,无以立也。

附:知乎网友:什么叫有教养?教养是一种发自内心的温柔,外在的都叫礼仪。(知友@薯薯薯薯条)先进入电梯的人会询问后进入电梯的按键并不方便的陌生人要到几层。和女生约会能够帮女生开门,帮女生拉凳子,递给女生的饮料是没有瓶盖的,最好垫上纸巾。知友@Aesir Chu:很欣赏我爸爸的一个特质——认真倾听大家的表述,很少主动发言,但是当需要他表达的时候总能得到有建树的回应,并且适可而止不会夸夸其谈。知友@罗一觉:今天我们家搬家,家父带着刚刚实习下班的我把人去楼空的老房子里里外外打扫了一遍,厨房和洗手间就和新的一样,最后还特意买了鲜花和几瓶矿泉水留在桌子上。


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